Fall to Flourish

  Every leaf that flourishes and every leaf that falls has a story to tell. Your story is among them. Joy pulses through the veins of the leaves that flourish. Sadness replaces joy in those that fall, but the fallen are picked up by the wind. They're ushered to a place far away from home. They take … Continue reading Fall to Flourish

How Not to Spill Your Coffee

"Science Reveals How Not to Spill Your Coffee When Walking." Surely you're interested and surely your mind has room to hold onto this valuable information, so read all about it by clicking the link.  

Sea of Indiscretion

The news world, the entertainment world, and the world of politics are eerie, strange places to be that smell of distrust. Read more by clicking the post title.

A Worthy Sentiment That’s Not Worth It

Maybe I should have scrolled past my friend's Facebook post and let it float way like a mylar balloon in the wind. Read more by clicking the post title.

Three Weeks After: My Trip to New York City

I'm not talking cliche when I say that we, the tourists in New York City, three weeks after 9/11, were welcomed with open arms. Not only that, gracious and grateful words were on every tongue.